Having a Field Day, 2020

A few years ago I decided to study for my amateur radio license. My brother has always been active in amateur (or Ham) radio, but it wasn’t until I moved to Pittsburgh at Warwick House that I got seriously interested in the hobby. I passed my initial test, and was licensed to speak on local frequencies, but I wanted to get to a higher level of expertise, and be able to speak with people from farther away, even in other countries. This increase of access to the radio bands meant that I had to pass another testing level. So I took the “General” test (which was very difficult for me, not being an electrical engineer), and I passed it. The ability to speak with people from far away became even more attractive, but I still needed to have the proper radio equipment and antenna (rig) to make it all work. My brother had donated an old radio to our house, but it wasn’t currently set up for use.

Strangely enough, the Corona Virus gave us an opportunity to set up our station. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic many youth activities (like summer camps) were canceled this summer, but that made it possible to participate in Amateur Radio “Field Day”, on June 27-28, 2020. This is a yearly event that encourages Ham radio operators to set up provisional radio stations “in the field” as though in emergency situations. We set up our outdoor station in a few days, and then had a great time making contacts and listening to other radio operators in the USA and beyond. Some families from the area also stopped by the station to visit, or to chat on the radio with the other friendly operators participating in Field Day. All in all, it was a great experience, and a reminder that The Lord has called us to be communicators of the truth as well as good listeners in today’s interconnected world. For more information on amateur radio, please checkout these videos (Introduction to Amateur Radio). Blessings to you, and 73 (radio code for “best wishes”).

3 comments on “Having a Field Day, 2020

  1. Mary says:

    Dear Father,

    I happened to find your blog recently.

    I worked for your Dad and Alice in the late 1970s at Husky.

    Your posts are wonderful and helpful.

    • Hi Mary, I just saw your reply. I am a different Fr. Marty Miller of Opus Dei, though I know the other one well. He lives in Virginia now, and I’ll let him know you reached out. That’s cool you worked for his family’s deli in Seattle. Blessings to you and your loved ones.

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