2018: Begin again, win again

IMG_20171218_145346Putting the final touches on 2017, we look at the year and try to discover the blessings in the midst of everything. If we are honest, we will see the good among the negative things, and we need that. Surely we all had our share of victories and failures on all kinds of fronts: personal; spiritual; moral; and physical, too. The important thing is to see the events of the year in a theological way, to see them a little more as God sees our lives: as a loving father watches his children, always in need of help, but capable to begin again, and therefore, to win again.

Lots of people do a kind of personal inventory with a view to set up resolutions that will be signs of improvement for them, and this is a good thing. The challenge is to make resolutions that are really going to “stick”, and guide us through the whole year, not only a few days. That’s the hard part. I am not sure what my resolutions are going to be for the year, but whatever they become I am going to try to make them so that they can be checked and evaluated on a regular basis: daily, or at least weekly. For example, “Did I smile at people I talked with during the day?” could be an interesting question to consider on a daily basis. Whatever the resolutions, make them in such a way that they can be easily checked.

It is significant that we make our resolutions in the presence of Mary this year. The last day of the year falls on the feast of the Holy Family, and the first day of the year, as always, on the solemnity of Mary the Mother of God. We remember that 2017 has been a most important year in the presence of Mary, as it was the 100th anniversary of the apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima, so let us continue to make our resolutions under her protection and motherly care. Happy 2018!

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