Advent: a time to address the Blessed Virgin Mary

guadalupeIn this installment, which falls on the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, guest blogger, Rev. Rene Schatteman, offers thoughts on how to bring Our Lady into the Advent season with more personal piety and vision. Enjoy!

Let us pray to Mary and this will help us live fully these joyful days as we look forward to Christmas. Let us say to Mary:

God the Father looked on you and loved you more any other creature. You are his favorite daughter.

God the Son looked forward to the day he would become man, become one of us, by taking our nature from you as his mother.

God the Holy Spirit had preserved you from Original Sin and gave you that fullness of grace right from the first moment of your existence.

As a child you were already full of grace, a delight to your parents and to God! You grew quickly in wisdom and in virtue.

Even as a teenager you were already a mature woman, virtuous in every way, with an intimate relationship with God

It was then that God sent his Archangel Gabriel to inform you of what he wanted of you: to be the mother of his Son, to bear him in your womb, to bring him into the world and to care for him as a mother cares for her infant child.

God looked upon you and saw that you were all fair, beautiful in body and soul. He knew that he could count on you, that you would be faithful to every grace he would give you.

You never disappointed God. You were always ready to offer a YES to God’s inspirations.

In this way, you kept growing in grace and in love, day by day, moment by moment.

With great joy and gratitude you brought Jesus Christ our Savior into the world. It was in Bethlehem, in a stable, on a winter’s night. Christ came as the Light of the World, our Redeemer and Lord.

St. Joseph was there with you and he too, with a joyful heart, took the Child Jesus in his arms and whispered to him his love and devotion. It was a glorious moment… and we are all preparing ourselves to commemorate that moment, to relive it at Christmas.

As a young mother you dedicated yourself to the care of your Son. Nothing distracted you. You were ever attentive to the needs of the Child Jesus. You cared for him; you spent yourself for him… Jesus: the object of all your efforts.

And this was not just for one day… it was your way of life: all for Jesus, all for the Love of the Lord. Mary, I want to learn from you. Teach me to say YES to whatever God asks of me. Help me to see how my day -with my tasks, my family, my parents and my siblings, my home, my school and my teachers, my friends- is the place where God wants me to be. Here I can find God; here I can show my love for God, here I can serve Jesus.

Mary, as your life progressed you came to know Jesus ever better. You learned from him because you kept your eyes fixed on him. You came to know his sufferings and you shared in them because you were one with him. You offered your Son to his Father, there on Calvary, when he offered himself for our salvation. You also experienced the joy of his Resurrection and in time, you helped the Apostles to be strong in their faith and in their commitment to Jesus. Mary, help me to be faithful in all things.

Compiled by Fr. Rene J. Schatteman

One comment on “Advent: a time to address the Blessed Virgin Mary

  1. Anonymous says:

    Fr. Rene’s the man!

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