Notes on Grace

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Contemplating the Hudson River the other day helped me realize that the Church Fathers were right to say the work of grace within each of us is greater than the whole work of creation. The justification of sinners transformed into loving Children of God is the greatest gift of all, and we are called to cherish and understand it the best we can. For some days in New York City I have been giving a course in Theological Anthropology, focusing on the workings of grace within us. If you have any interest in my class notes, click here on… GraceStudyNotes

6 comments on “Notes on Grace

  1. timindaburgh says:

    Great post. And, the 100 pages of notes on grace… I’ll need some time. I’m taking Victor to the airport after lunch for his flight to TX.


  2. Brian Seibert says:

    Father ,

    just a simple question if you would allow.

    wasn’t the Blessed Mother also predestined to not only bare the Christ , But to act as emissary of ‘The Holy Trinity’?


    • Yes, I think that can be said of the Blessed Virgin. She cooperated in bringing the Second Person of the Trinity to earth, all other Divine Persons are present as well. Blessings to you!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Father Marty, thank you for posting these notes. I was searching for a concise summary on the topic of Grace, and here it is. I worked through these yesterday answering many questions and coming up with many more new ones. Do you happen to have anything on Poverty of Spirit?
    Thanks and God Bless.
    -David Losos

    • Glad you liked the notes, and we can talk about them sometime. I’ll have to work something up on Poverty of Spirit, as I don’t have anything yet. Blessings to you and your family!

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