Pastoral Days in the City

IMG_20170527_075050 (2)During the past few days I have been giving a Pastoral Theology class in the middle of Manhattan. It seems like just the right place take on such a project, as the “flock” of New York City needs attention and care just as much as those in the Midwest countryside, where I usually serve. So far, I have been struck by the amount of people “moving around, like sheep without a shepherd” (Mt 9:36) but I am also moved by the fact that in city or in the country, we are all pretty much the same, and urgently in need of God’s mercy and a sense of community. The above picture of the Empire State Building was taken as I was on my way to celebrate Mass at an Opus Dei center near where I am staying. Although I like to be with all the people on the streets, still I enjoy the quiet and seeming emptiness of the streets in the morning. And speaking of buildings, I love how this panorama shot of the 9/11 Memorial seems to show the buildings around the memorial humbled and reverent.

PANO_20170528_170059 (2).jpg


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