Holy Week binge

1380991895274The last days of Lent, also known as “Holy Week”, are a “binge moment”. After six weeks of self-control through fasting, alms, and prayer, Christians are invited to a kind of holy excess of dramatic liturgical and spiritual expressions. Beginning with Palm Sunday and continuing through Sunday of the Resurrection, we enter into a kind of “real time” with Jesus and his disciples. We witness Judas’ treachery, see the right ear of Malchus, the servant of the High Priest, lopped off by Peter and replaced by Jesus, and receive the promise of the Holy Spirit at the Last Supper. Through the words and songs of the liturgies (for example, the reading of the Passion or the Exultet chant of the Easter Vigil) a kind of holy indulgence takes place in our lives. Practical considerations like errands, politics, and travel fade in importance, as we focus on the central events of our salvation. More than scheduling, we operate on the level of the grace of the season. Let yourself be carried away this Holy Week into a “holy binge” with Jesus and the Church. Attend all the Holy Week services and customs, and follow the Lord!

Few places compare with Andalucia, Spain for its dramatic Holy Week customs!

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