A little more from God’s perspective


On Saturday, September 27, the holiness of Alvaro del Portillo, the closest assistant and successor of St. Josemaria at the head of Opus Dei, was officially recognized, and he was declared Blessed (one step before canonization). Being able to attend this ceremony in Madrid with hundreds of thousands of others, as well as spend some time in Spain before and after it, was a great grace and opportunity to try to see the world a little more from God’s perspective…

Blessed Alvaro is the first person beatified that I knew personally (at least a little bit), and definitely the first Blessed whoever was in my house (1988) and even teased me some (I met him late in the day, and he noticed I had a “five o’clock shadow”). Anyone who knew Blessed Alvaro noticed his peace and good humor immediately. I think these qualities were very typical of the Beatification in general. People were so happy and peaceful in Madrid, and I mean everyone, from the people piously attending the ceremony, to the late-night party-goers I met up with at 7am Saturday morning on route to the Beatification Mass. Running into party-goers was easy because our pilgrimage group stayed in the oldest and most creative section of Madrid, at a house on the spot where Miguel Cervantes lived and died (Calle Cervantes 2). Here are some of us trying to look as cool as Cervantes at his house 400 years after he left it (not easy)….


Peace and joy are gifts we should always ask from God, the source of all peace and joy. He can give it to thousands, even millions at once, no problem. Just ask the saints who have gone before us who radiate heavenly and human qualities, even from a jumbo-tron, a little more from God’s perspective… Newly Blessed Alvaro, pray for us!


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